Course Requirements

The SPL Program offers both thesis and non-thesis options. In the former, students are required to complete seven credit-courses and a Prothesis Seminar as well as write a conventional M.S. Thesis and write a dissertation of 10000-12000 words. In the non-thesis option, students are required to take ten credit courses and complete a term project. Upon the successful completion of the requirements of either program, a M.S. degree in Social Policy will be conferred.


During the application period, only the applications for the non-thesis program are accepted. During the first two semesters, theoretical courses may be offered to students by their academic advisors in order to help students to improve their capacity on social policy. Students can be transferred to thesis program upon their request and according to their academic performance at the end of the second semester.





Must Courses:


SPL 501 Social Policy and Development
SPL 502 Research Design, Methods and Ethics in Social Policy Research




Elective Courses:


SPL 511 Unemployment and Social Policy
SPL 512 Health and Social Policy
SPL 513 Gender Perspectives on Development
SPL 514 Population Dynamics and Social Policy in Turkey 
SPL 515 The European Union and Gender Equality Policies
SPL 517 Disability and Social Policy-I
SPL 518 Disability and Social Policy-II
SPL 519 Citizenship: Turkish Experiences
SPL 521 The Social Security System in Turkey
SPL 550 Sociological Perspectives


SOC 307 Issues in State and Social Policy 
SOC 312 Political Sociology 
SOC 314 Work and Organization  
SOC 384 Sociology of Development  
SOC 405 Industrial Sociology
SOC 525 Global and Local Debates on Civil Society
SOC 526 Issues in Women’s Work and Employment
SOC 533 Gender Issues on Class and Patriarchy
SOC 539 Social Policy and Welfare Issues in Turkey 
SOC 541 Labor Market and Social Rights
SOC 543 Family, Marriage and Kinship Dynamics in Turkey
SOC 554 Challenges of Social Policy in the EU and Turkey
SOC 641 Sociology of Industrialization and Modernization  


ADM 3204 Public Policy
ADM 3101 Approaches to State-Society Relations
ADM 4117 Political Economy of the South
ADM 4187 Regional Policy and Governance
ADM 5104 State and Society in Europe  
ADM 5151 Politics of Social Policy
ADM 5154 Theories of the State
ADM 5174 Political Economy in Turkey


ECON 314 Economics of Growth and Development
ECON 404 Health Economics
ECON 432 Economics of Inequality and Discrimination 
ECON 465 Development Economics  
ECON 469 Economics of Labor
ECON 497 Comparative European Labor Markets  
ECON 693 Education Health and Human Capital I
ECON 694 Education Health and Human Capital II


BA 5133 Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility
BA 5115 Business Ethics


EDS 552 Education and Social Policy  


HIST 360 Ottoman Labor History (19th Century)

IR 427 Politics of Social Welfare in Europe