Human Development Dialogue Series

Human development and the reduction of poverty remain as the important goals of Turkish society today - with many civil society organizations, public administration, Government as well as academics, political parties and international organizations committed to improving the welfare and living standards of the Turkish people.


The Human Development Dialogue (İnsani Gelişme Diyaloğu- İGED) is an initiative supported by the United Nations in Turkey and the World Bank Turkey Country Office. It aims to facilitate a dialogue on human development, intending to complement the ongoing initiatives and activities that are taking place in many cities around Turkey today.


Linking up with existing centers of dialogues at major universities in Turkey, the Dialogue will invite speakers from abroad to talk about new analytical findings and evidence as well as ongoing policy discussions and reforms. Further, we aim for Dialogue to be a platform for Turkish scholars as well as technical professionals in the public administration and civil society to discuss and share their experiences and analytical findings regarding human development.

1st National Demography Congress:

1st National Demography Congress was organized by the Social Policy Programme and Demography Association and was held in October, 7th-10th, 2010 at METU Cultural and Congress Center.



4th Regional Development and Governance Symposium

4th Regional Development and Governance Symposium was held by the Social Policy Programme and TEPAV on 19th - 20th November 2009, in Ankara with the theme of "Governance of Social Development". The main objective of the Symposium was to bring internationally known academicians, researchers, practitioners, institutions and individuals working on the issue centrally or locally in Turkey together in an interactive discussion platform to produce concrete outputs.


The symposium was designed as a combination of panels and round table discussions. Conceptual framework, institutional structure and government processes on social policy, coordination mechanisms, social projects and tools of policy formulation and implementation formed the subheadings of the event.