How to Apply

Application to the programs in the Graduate School of Social Sciences will be made online in the link provided below.

Applicants DO NOT need to deliver the required documents (hard-copies) to the Graduate School of Social Sciences.


1. Log in to the Online Application System ( and fill out the required fields in the Application Form.

2. Freeze the Online Application Form and the application process is complete. You can check your application status on the Main Page ( by logging in with your email address and password.

3. After finalizing your application, you can check out the website of the Graduate School ( for the interview dates.

You can obtain detailed information about the Required Documents for Application, which will be uploaded to the Online Application System in the link provided below.

4. Applicants are responsible for following up the interview dates designated by the departments. For interview dates, please click here.


* Incomplete or overdue application will not be processed.


* If you plan to apply for more than one graduate program, each application must have its own online application form, exam scores, transcripts, reference letters, etc.


* Applicants who file more than one application must pay the application fee for each programs and each bank receipts must be attached to the application documents.


*  Before filing your application, please be sure to read carefully the program requirements. Incomplete applications or applications with documents that do not meet the criteria will not be accepted.