Recent Theses in Social Policy

Economic, social and political participation of the youth in urban South-Eastern Anatolia  / Caner Özdemir, Supervisor Dr. F. Umut Beşpınar, Co-supervisor Prof. Dr. Sencer Ayata (2010).

An analysis of the formations of trade union consciousness and worker identity in Turkey : a case study of the TÜVASAŞ railcar factory  / Oğuzhan Bilgin, Supervisor Prof. Dr. Sencer Ayata (2010).

Is flexicurity suitable for turkish labour market or not?  / Saime Özlem Hangün, Supervisor Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sibel Kalaycıoğlu, co-supervisor Assist. Prof. Dr. Kezban Çelik(2010).

Transnational marriages: family-forming migration from Turkey to Germany / Isıl Bayraktar, Supervisor Assist. Prof. Dr. F. Umut Beşpınar (2011).

Social assistance as a poverty alleviation strategy: case of Altındağ Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation  / Aydın Apaydın , Supervisor Assoc.Prof.Dr. Sibel Kalaycıoğlu (2011).

Participants' civic engagement behavior: evidence from a non-formal training on democracy and human rights  / Bilgen Kahraman, Supervisor Assist. Prof. Dr. Hanife Akar (2011).

Is jewelry still a craft? the role of trust and work ethic in jewelry sector: the case of Istanbul Grand Bazaar  / Çiğdem Çörek , Supervisor Assoc. Prof. Dr. Helga Rittersberger Tılıç (2011).

Investigating stakeholders’ perceptions of employability factors: evidence from a vocational college in Nevşehir  / Yelda Sarıkaya , Supervisor Assist. Prof. Dr. Hanife Akar (2011).

The relationship between human and nature -as conceptionalized by the representatives of the selected environmental NGOs in Turkey  / İdil Zeynep Akman , Supervisor Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sibel Kalaycıoglu (2011).

A critical analysis of social inclusion in Turkey : the case study of sodes (Social Support Programme) / Rıdvan Kurtipek , Supervisor Assoc. Dr. Sibel Kalaycıoğlu (2012).

Microcredit to women as a poverty alleviation tool: the case of turkish grameen microcredit programme in Diyarbakir / Dicle Çakmak, Supervisor Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ayşe Gündüz Hoşgör (2012).

Coping with immigration: the institutional and political dynamics of migration and political dynamics of migration and asylum politics in Turkey / Ezgi Berfin Ünsal, Supervisor Prof. Dr. Onur Yıldırım (2012).